Michael-Ryan Fletchall – Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fletchall is a seasoned media professional with more than 17 years of Hollywood and international experience in all aspects of motion picture, new media, and broadcast television.

He began his career in broadcast television as a member of a launch team creating the [then] most technologically advanced digital television station in the world.  Cutting edge technologies led him to progress to entertainment media, where he has worked in almost every facet of the Hollywood industry on over nine billion dollars of entertainment projects.

Major motion picture projects included PERFECT STORM starring George Clooney; CASTAWAY starring Tom Hanks; MR. AND MRS. SMITH starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie; MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3 starring Tom Cruise, and SEABISCUIT starring Toby Maguire. Television shows have included WEST WING, HOUSE, E.R., C.S.I. VEGAS, and DEXTER.  In addition, Mr. Fletchall has worked on more than sixty national and international television commercial campaigns, and more than thirty high profile music videos including such artists as Michael Jackson, Shakira, Beyonce, Will Smith, Aerosmith, and Eminem.

His most recent projects include THE FORGER starring Josh Hutcherson, Lauren Bacall, Alfed Molina, and Hayden Panettiere, IT’S A MALL WORLD for MTV, TWO-ELEVEN with writer/director Velvet Andrews Smith, and his five-time award winning film INTELLIGENCE starring Milo Ventimiglia (HEROES).

Mr. Fletchall is currently developing media investments in North America and the Middle East for regional and international audiences, including THE GREAT DIVIDE, POSSESSED SOUL, ZAYED, and the REVOLUTION MEDIA FUND.