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Experience Media Studios | A next generation studio that tells stories through media production and technological innovation.

/3DPOV® Investment


We capture the human senses of analog life to deliver digital first-person perspective experiences. The pioneering 3DPOV® system consists of a patent-pending capture technology, production process, and web delivery platform. Audiences experience immersive point of view media with 3D sight, binaural sound, and sensory metadata for touch, taste, and smell.


The initial Proof of Concept was created at the end of 2012 in response to a government request for proposal with the objective of giving commanders the ability to assess their soldiers’ capabilities while under emotional duress. Our team engineered the media capture technology and programmed the delivery platform software. We have protected all intellectual property by filing the proper U.S. and international patents and trademarks.


The future of storytelling in an online environment is abundant with opportunity, but it is the forward-thinking, revolutionary companies that are finding the most success. The accessible-on-demand nature of web content is changing the way that media is produced, distributed, and consumed, thus creating a wealth of possibilities. The result is a need for companies that can successfully identify content niches and the best means in which to share and monetize it.


Demand for engaging media content is unwavering. Modern audiences demand more of their media experiences. With more control over how and when they consume media, audiences require new individualized experiences and deeper levels of engagement. The global head-mounted display (HMD) sector, which includes helmet mounted displays and eyewear/wearable displays, is a fast developing market.

Device manufacturers rely on the content creators to develop enough content to make their devices succeed. Outside of gaming, there is virtually no content in the supply chain for these devices.


3DPOV® is a content capture, production, and delivery platform with integrated patent-pending technology that is poised to tap into the attractive and growing content commerce marketplace. As a device-agnostic system, 3DPOV® delivers an experience that goes far beyond just watching, enabling content creators with the technology to develop new media experiences for audiences everywhere – from head mounted display fully-immersed gamers or trainees to theatrical, mobile, and at-home viewers on 3D screens. 3DPOV® is positioned to become a lower-cost alternative technology (compared to extensive virtual and augmented reality programming and “world creation”) to supply the vast consumer and commercial devices on which content can be viewed.


We developed a financial model based upon diversified income streams, earning revenue through exclusive and non-exclusive licensing arrangements with our partner network. In the future, additional ancillary revenues through opportunities inherent in digital content distribution, such as advertising and premium streaming subscriptions, are anticipated.


3DPOV® has no direct competitors replicating the patent-pending capture system and integrated content delivery cloud-based application. Nonetheless, we recognize competitive pressures in immersive human experience capture for wide market application from the key businesses outlined below. 3DPOV has identified its main differentiators from these companies as well as the potential for shared opportunities in partnership.


Our competitors are focused on capturing content in 360 degrees so that VR users have the freedom to look around a real environment. This approach presents significant challenges in both production logistics and costs, making it prohibitive to mass produce. Further, the 360 freedom is not necessary to present a highly immersive story. Conversely, 3DPOV® is focused on giving content partners a low cost solution to create content where users have the freedom to make choices in how their experience unfolds through the subjective storytelling nature of a human body.


Michael-Ryan Fletchall is a seasoned award-winning media professional with more than 17 years of Hollywood and international experience in all aspects of media production services, from motion pictures to new media and broadcast television. He began his career in broadcast television as a member of a launch team creating the [then] most technologically advanced digital television station in the world. Innovative technologies led him to progress to entertainment media, where he has worked in almost every facet of the film industry on corporate branding and entertainment projects representing more than $9 billion of invested capital.


After investing $100k of founder capital, we are opening a round of institutional seed financing in the form of a convertible note. Funding will be used to execute the strategy by deploying capital for further product development, inventory, and expanding the partner network. Funding will also enable us to develop a strong presence and brand to be effectively positioned for future sustained growth as a must-have capture system for licensees and media experience for consumers.


601 East Charleston Blvd., #100 Las Vegas, NV 89104

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